Sunday, April 2, 2017

Jan 2014 Benson's 3rd Birthday

This kid loves his cousins. He especially loves to wrestle with Hailey.
We all went to Carmen and Ben's house in Orem and played with Wii and watches videos and listened to music and played with balloons till our hearts content. 
Kathy Sisk made his birthday cake and it was adorable and so yummy.

Jan 2016 School Shenanegans

Grayson was walking super fast on ice for a fire drill when she suddenly went to the ground bruising her tailbone. Dr. Bob and Mr. Helvey decided they needed to bring her some things to help in her healing process.
Addy went on a field trip to the planetarium where I was able to tag along. She has some of the best friends. Ellie McFarlane, Sean, Xander Mecham and Sophie Tingey.

This is one of many pictures we have had in front of this whiteboard. I love these ladies. We had an ongoing joke about a Ken barbie doll where we would leave him in random places for each other to find. It was pretty hilarious. This particular day, I found him in my lunch box and he scared me half to death.

Dec 2014 Snow

Dec 2014 iPhone Randoms

Hailey got her finger smashed in the truck door. I didn't realize how bad it was till we got home and it was already black. Her nail grew a huge blood blister under the nail which made it HUGE. The whole nail eventually fell off. Luckily it grew back just fine.

Every year as one of our traditions, we make candy kiss chains to countdown to Christmas. This year, we taught Benson how to make them.

Work Christmas party.

Provo winter sunset.

Often I would run in to Hailey's teacher Miss Ferguson at the gym.

This made me so nervous when I walked in on Hailey sound asleep like this.

Tuckered out at a party at Grandma's.

Addy has an amazing therapist named Karen Fairchild.

Nate's back was getting to it's worst point when this was the only relief he could feel.

Dec 2014 Soldier Hollow

Soldier Hollow is a place in Midway Utah where they have sledding runs where you can get in a tube, hang on to others who are in their tubes and sled down a super slippery run with music blaring from giant speakers. You don't even have to climb back up because there is a pully that will pull you as you sit in your tube and enjoy a ride back up the hill.
While it's loads of fun, it is very cold. Poor Addy had enough after two runs and needed to go inside to warm up for the rest of the time we were there. The best part is being there with our family. I didn't see Hailey the entire time we were there because she was off riding with Avery. Uncle Jordan came in to warm up at one point and hung out with us.. he and his crazy faces.

Dec 2014 Christmas

This Christmas was exteremely magical. We had a very cold winter so far but no snow. On Christmas morning we woke up to white streets and trees. It was of course, very exciting. Hailey was the first to wake up, obviously and while she waited for Addy to wake up and Nate to wake up, he let her play on a phone. She probably ended up waiting a whole 45 minutes to an hour before we went downstairs. Poor girl.