Wednesday, March 22, 2017

October 2014 Randoms

October 2014 Randoms

Hailey Loves to bundle up to the point where we don't know where she is.

This kid LOVES to wrestle with his uncle Nate.

These girls are always waiting around for their moms (me and Candace) so this particular day they were gathering up all the fallen leaves and jumping into them.
Hailey, Addy and Ellie

Lucky 7
(minus Stacy and Becky)

Grandma was in town and bought a lop eared bunny from one of our neighbors. Koda was quite intrigued. Buddy didn't really care.

My home made Apple Pie.

Date night with this guy at the bowling alley

October 2014 Kidnapping Sariah

October 2014-Kidnapping Sariah

We all got wind that our friend Sariah was having a rough day so Talara set it up with Sariah's husband for us to kidnap her for the evening.
I made silly eye masks and we all dressed up in black so we could show up at her house and take her away.  It was so funny because her husband let us in and she was at the counter doing dishes. She turned around and screamed because we scared her so bad.  We whisked her away and went to dinner, then we went to Color Me Mine to make some fun pottery creations.

October 2014 Halloween

Trick or Treating has been so fun the last couple years. As always, we went to Grandpa and Grandma Johnson's neighborhood (the neighborhood Nate grew up in) to trick or treat. This has been a standing tradition since the girls were born.  I ended up making the two costumes shown below. Little Red Riding Hood and Tiger Lily. Every year I worry that I won't have time or that I won't be able to pull it off but I get lucky I guess. I pulled Hailey's costume off in a matter of minutes before school. The girls are at such fun ages and they absolutely love going out for a night of trick or treating to some of their favorite houses. When we were done, Grandma Johnson had a pot of homemade chili waiting for us to eat before diving into loads of candy.

October 2014 Halloween Shenanegans

Our first Halloween party of the year was going to Damon and Summer's ward party. They had a chili cook-off and all kinds of games and things for the kids to do. The girls loved being able to show off their costumes to their cousins Lincoln, Hudson and Savanah.

The next Halloween party we went to was at Family Support and Treatment Center. This is a place Addy goes regularly to meet with her friend Karen Fairchild. Karen helps Addy understand anxiety and some of the challenges she faces. They put on some of the best parties and the best part is that Benson came to this party with the girls and they had so much fun.

School Day Halloween parties! 
One thing that drives me crazy is that the girls have to dress up in costumes that represent things they are learning about in school. The teachers choose the theme. Why on earth would I want to have to make or buy a different costume just for school!? Well, it's a rule, so sometimes you just have to deal with it. I dressed up as a cat, Addy was able to go as Little Red Riding Hood (thankfully) and Hailey went as Tiger Lily. The admin staff dressed up as 101 Dalmations.. it was adorable.
Hailey's teacher, Miss Ferguson was on point as well.