Monday, January 21, 2013

Surprise Surprise

Nate and I had a pretty rough year last year. He'll say it was mostly rough for me, but I know him better than that. :-)  We have been thinking long and hard about the fact that we needed to have something to look forward to. We just need some alone time as a family and we knew the perfect way to do just that!. This new year has brought us hope that positive experiences will overcome the negative and we can do our best to make it a great year.  So, this video will explain the rest.....

We absolutely can't wait to spend a week together on a magical vacation! 

Frost Flakes

As pretty as it might be, i'm really getting tired of this unbelievably cold weather. 
It's pretty miserable.

This picture was taken by my cousin Rachel. I can't believe how stunning it is. You can actually see frost/snowflakes. Absolutely beautiful.

This screen shot was from 9:30 in the morning!!! It was perfectly sunny outside and STILL

frost covering the trees..

Sunday, January 20, 2013

New Shoes

Hailey's always been a little smarty pants. Since the day she was born. She's also been very independent. Since the day she was born.
I've always bought velcro shoes or slip ons because they are just easier and faster and for the most part, cuter than shoes with ties. Well, Hailey's been wanting Twinkle Toes Sketchers for quite some time now. She got them for Christmas and I was thinking it was time she learned to tie her shoes anyways, right?
One day we were running out the door and on the way to the car, I noticed she was wearing her sketchers. I asked her if she needed help tying them and she turned to me, showed me they were tied in DOUBLE knots and said, "No, I got it mom." Totally surprised, I said who taught you to tie your own shoes? 
She responded: "I did. Last night. I practiced for a bit."
Then on to the car she skipped.
Love her.


Do you know how much I hate winter?
words can't describe.

One of the things that absolutely drives me crazy??


The day I got home from California, we headed over to Carmen and Ben's house to celebrate little Benson's first birthday. All the family was there and it was so great to be back with my girls and my Nate again after being gone for the weekend.

Hailey also had lost another tooth just before I left for California and I was trying to get her to take a normal picture, but that never works very well.

Addy wanted to take a picture and Hailey was less than excited about it.

Happy Birthday baby Benson! We love you!!

Grandpa Luke

Grandpa Jack O. Luke

Two days before Christmas, we got the horrible news that my grandpa had died tragically. This death has been extremely hard on me. I do not like to cry in front of people and I've gotten pretty good at setting emotions aside but this one hit me hard.  I've really grown to love my grandpa a lot over the years of my adulthood. I called him regularly and looked forward to our chats.  I was pushing hard this year to get him to come stay with us for Christmas at my parents house, but then he got ill and ended up in the hospital with a doubly bypass heart surgery. I talked to him a few times while in the hospital and I will cherish those phone calls forever. His surgery went well. He was home when he died and it was a very sad night for all of us. 

Luckily, my dad had just brought him home from the hospital that day and was at the airport ready to come home for christmas when he got the call from my aunt that my grandpa had died. This was completely unexpected and such a hard thing for all of us. Especially two days before Christmas. My dad did not come home that night, obviously. He did however, make it home for Christmas Eve. We all did our best to put on a happy face for the kids sake and get through Christmas with smiles and excitement. 

Deep down, it's been a really sad few weeks for me. I miss him.

Damon and I waiting for our flight

Damon and I flew out to California for grandpa's funeral/celebration of life.  The great part about all this is that after all these years, my grandpa brought his family together. I haven't seen my cousins on that side of the family since I was a little girl, apart from my cousin Carl who lives here in Utah. 

It was great to see everyone, but still so sad.

The first night we were there, we went out to dinner at Outback with everyone who was around. 

My cousin Billy and his girlfriend Lindsey who is my new BFF. 

All my cousins on the Luke side.
Me, Jimmy, Damon, Carl, Bobby, Chad, Jared, Kimmy, Billy and Stevie

This lady is my dad's Aunt Mary. When I was ten years old, we lived in our motorhome in Washington while we were waiting to find a house to live in. This sweet lady and my dad's uncle Bill let us live on their property during this time. They became another set of grandparents. I haven't seen her since we moved from Washington... about 17 years ago. 


Damon claimed this jacket he found in my grandpa's closet.

My cousin Billy

All the cousins with Dad and Aunt Barb. 

The only 3 girls in the group

Family photo op in Grandpa's backyard.

I think Damon and I took it the hardest. I called my grandpa about once a week to check in on him and it just sucked--big time.
I know he's in a better place and I know he's much happier, but my heart still hurts and i'm sure it will for a while.

This was the last picture taken of my grandpa. This was just after his surgery a couple days before he died.

This is my favorite picture of me and my grandpa. This was one of the many times we went camping at Coronado Beach in California when I was a little girl.

Love you Grandpa. You will be missed. A lot.

My lil Besties

These girls were helping me pick out clothes with my gift cards I got for Christmas. Surprisingly, they were actually a ton of help! They are my best little buddies. I love having them around.

My Three Fav's

I can't get enough of these three. They are my life.

These two keep me smiling EVERY SINGLE DAY.

And this is the love of my life.


After we got home from our Christmas Vacation, we went sledding with Kristen, Aiden and Regan.  It was absolutely freezing outside, but it was really fun. Regan showed off her awesome snowboarding skills and the rest of the kids enjoyed making their own jump to sled down.

Christmas Morning

I don't have many pictures from this morning. I chose to enjoy the moments rather than watch through an eye hole. :-) But, my mom WAS taking pictures so, I knew i'd be alright to do just that. However, I haven't gotten her pictures yet, so for now, here are the few that I do have.

You can't really see in the picture but she had just opened her Karaoke machine from Santa.

Addy got her doll that she had been wanting for oh so long.

A couple weeks before Christmas, we were driving in the car and Hailey says, "mom, wouldn't you really love to have a snow globe for Christmas? One that has a bear and says I love mom on it?"  Haha.. I knew right then what she got me for Christmas. It was cute to see her so excited about her first secret shopping experience.
Nate opened his gift from Hailey that she bought herself from the giftshop at her school. She told him it was his very own snake he could sleep with at night. :-)

I got Nate his own raquetball raquet. Now we can go play at the gym. It was kind of rude to get that for him, now that I think of it. It's not like he can use it any time soon with his shoulder being all messed up. Oh well. Something to look forward to I guess.

Addy got her scooter with light up wheels.

Hailey got a new barbie bike. She grew out of her other bike and was so excited to see this ready for her by the tree.