Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Jalepenos and Sour Cream

So, here's a funny story. Today I made fresh salsa. K, that's not the funny part. I was cutting everything up, including Jalepenos. Well, I didn't think about it, and after touching them, I touched my nose. Washed my hands after, of course, then all of a sudden.... BURNING SENSATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was dying. My nose was ON FIRE!

So, I call my mom. I asked her to get on google, since I couldn't really see... with my eyes all watery.. pretty much she just laughed at me the whole time, like a good mother does. As I'm debating on whether or not I should hang up with my mom or call 911, she gets some answers for me. Some included alcohol, white vinegar, SALT (I tried this one-don't recommend it), milk, and Sour Cream.

So, naturally, I grabbed the sour cream and covered my nose in it. I spread it all over the place. Immediately I found that the burning was going away! It worked! Just then, Hailey walks in from playing outside and says to me, "mom, you have boogers."

the moral of this story is: get latex gloves for handling spicy objects, always have a supply of sour cream and just laugh at brutal honesty by little ones.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Landscaping and Yard Work

I decided this year that it was time to do something about our yard. It's always been ok, however, it needed some help. So, in the front yard, along the walk way were some flower beds full of weeds. It was bad. So, I dug out all the old dirt and rocks and bark and weeds, filled it with new clean dirt, flowers and plants and some accent lighting. I also added a couple flower pots with bright colored flowers in them. Our Jasmine bush is completed with a lattice for it to climb up! Love it. This is how it looks now...

Then in the backyard, I decided to make a platform on the grass for our BBQ. I wanted to make more room on our deck so i could put a swing or glider bench on it. I have a love for swings and other things similar. So, I dug out the grass and dirt to make it level enough so that the bricks would fit level with the grass. Thus making mowing a whole lot easier. Picture this: Me, Hailey and Addy at Lowes. The girls are in one cart, while a flatbed cart is full of flowers and plants that I was dragging behind the cart with the girls... then another flatbed cart full of bricks tagged along. It was quite a sight. Needless to say, a sweet lady saw how difficult it all was for me to do alone and helped me out to my car. :-) So after a couple days of hard work and sweat, I love how it all turned out! So, here you go, Allison.. I finally blogged about it! :-)

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Sad faces, Home Runs and Grass in the mouth

I love warm summer nights combined with Nate hitting home runs.
I just wish that I had a million eyes in my head so that I could actually be able to watch him, busy Hailey and curious Addy all at the same time.
I decided to take my macro lense to the game the other night to see if I could get some fun shots, and indeed I did.

Gotta love close-ups from far away!

This is our friend John. He and Nate are good friends.

This was just too good of a shot not to share. Hillarious.

I absolutely LOVE watching him play. He's just so good at the game.

This little bundle of sweetness just melts my heart. She LOVES to crawl around in grass.. and even more, loves to eat it.

And this little princess had an unfortunate run-in with the gravel parking lot at the game which resulted in this:

And this was the better hand of the two. Her left hand is all wrapped up still after a long half hour of me cleaning out little pebbles and dirt. Poor girl. It was a very sad night with a few wake ups in the night due to hurting hands.

Love the sun.
Love the smell of fresh cut grass.
Love the cool breeze on a warm summer night.
Love the smell of a soft ball glove.

Good times.