Tuesday, July 29, 2008


This is the life...

My trio of Love. This picture melts my heart. It describes how much my life means to me. Hailey loves her baby sister. Every morning she wakes up and runs in our room yelling "Addy!" which startles all of us, yet is so dang cute. Every time Addy cries, she runs to her with a binkie (whether it's Addy's or not) and says, "sshhhh.. don't cry Addy" (holding her finger to her lips). It's her favorite phrase these days. She's very concerned about her all the time and is always making sure she's ok. What more can a mother want? I have two beautiful girls, an amazing husband and a life of bliss.

So, here's to you, life... thank you. Thank you for my tears of joy every time I see Addy smile, or Hailey laugh. Thank you for the kisses. The kisses of drool from a teething toddler.. the kisses I steel from a sleeping infant and the kisses I get from a hard days work from Nate. Thank you for my frustrations every time the terrible twos get the better of me, I know I will only miss these days in the years to come. Thank you for reminding me that I am living my dream every time I change my clothes in a day because of sticky fingers giving me hugs. This is a dream.. my dream.

The Tent...

While my parents were here visiting, my dad kept Hailey VERY entertained. Unfortunately, he forgot how quickly toddlers learn and even quicker, how they remember the fun things they do. Well, my dad introduced "the tent" to Hailey.

Now, every time she see's a big blanket, she yells "TENT!!!" and expects anyone who will engage, to join her in the tent. Let's just say, I can't tell you how many hours I have spent since, adding static to my hair under that oh so fun tent. Thanks Dad, for giving Hailey yet another thing to be obsessed about!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

And then there were two...

My life has been AMAZING. It gets better and better each day. With Addy now in our lives, there have been MANY changes. All for the good, of course. Here are some examples:

-I have a constant reminder that sleep is a luxery that no longer exists!
-I have a husband who's almost as tired as I am!
-I have a toddler who keeps me extremely busy all the time...
-I have a constant flow of snacks and formula going on all day..
-I have a shower about every 3-4 days... sick, I know.
-I am expected to be ready to sing, dance and play the human jungle gym at 7am.
-I am an expert at making scrambled eggs... Hailey's favorite breakfast.
-I am also reminded that I only have two hands.
-Getting into the car to pick up one thing from the store is so not worth it.
-Making dinner... yeah right.
-taking a nap...I wish.

But most of all, I have two sweet daughters and an amazing husband. That alone is enough, if not more that I need. The hugs and kisses I get from Hailey and the sweet snuggles that I get from Addysen, make every ounce of everything I do completely worth it. At bed time, Hailey's new thing is to ask for kisses. She will sit up in her bed and ask over and over for more kisses from Nate and I. It's a new game she plays, but I have to secretly admit that I love it. Although I know she is just trying to put off bed time, I love it.

Addysen is such a blessing. She keeps me up pretty much all night only to wake up to an eager toddler early in the morening, but her little grunts and sighs are too sweet to be frustrated about. I love my job as a mother and I love my husband for allowing me to do the very thing I have dreamed about my whole life. He has made my dream come true and I will forever be grateful to him for that. He has also given me the greatest gift I could have ever received...Hailey and Addysen. They are my life and I couldn't ask for a better one.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Addy's Blessing

We ended up blessing Addy pretty early due to family being in town. It worked out great and the blessing was beautiful. Nate did an amazing job blessing her. I was pretty nervous about having her at church and around so many people at such an early age, but it worked out ok. And, now it's over! :-) My mom did an amazing job on the food, with the help of Nate's mom. My brother Damon and his wife Summer were here and they helped so much with the preparation for everything. Nate had several family members in town as well. Thanks to everyone who made it a great day. Thanks for all the support from our family and friends.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Monkey Moo!!!

I just had to post this picture of our Little Monkey Moo... Hailey. She has been such a blessing to our lives in so many ways. It's amazing now that we have Addy.. Hailey doesn't seem like my little baby anymore. She seems like such a little girl and sometimes, it makes me sad. At the same time, we are so excited about our new little addition. Hailey is having a rough time with the changes, but in time, she'll pull through. She brings such a sweet spirit to our home and I can't imagine life without her.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Bathtime with Daddy and Hailey

Nate is so funny with newborns. Most guys are afraid of newborns, but there is something about the connection Nate makes with newborns. He LOVES babies. YOu would never guess but he does. He has a different, yet just as important connection with Hailey as well. I couldn't ask for a better dad for our children. This was Addy's first bath at home and Hailey was right there along side Nate to help. What a cute family I have.