Sunday, March 31, 2013

Musical and Physical

Nate and I sat the girls down one night and talked to them about their future. Very official, I know. We have done a lot of thinking about how we want to raise our kids and the things we want to teach them. As a part of this, we decided they needed to be involved in something musical and something physical. So, one night for Family Home Evening, we discussed the possibilities and told them that whatever they chose, they needed to stick with it and really learn from it.

Hailey's choices were: Karate and Piano (she also wants to take Violin lessons very badly but we will start that in the near future)

We are a very supportive family and we love being there for each other. We go to everything together, karate practice, dance practice, doctors appointments, etc. These pictures were taken one day at Hailey's Karate class.

Hailey got new fight gear and she was trying it on for size.
She'll be using it in her upcoming tournament.

She's advanced pretty quickly. Next step is Gold Belt. She should have that by next month.

I love my little Karate Kid. It's very amazing to watch her. She has great form.

Addy's choices were: Dance and Piano 

We are so proud of Addy. She picks up the moves so fast and is getting so limber. She absolutely loves going and we love watching her at class and practice at home.

We are really excited about the girls decisions and will support them in every way we can.