Thursday, March 23, 2017

November 2014 Family Pictures

This was a last minute attempt at taking family pictures.
We took my camera and tripod but the weather was working against us ad it wasn't the best (or warmest) day for pictures.
Hailey was 8 and Addy was 6.

November 2014 Hailey's Baptism

Saturday morning, November 8, 2014 was a huge day for Monkey.
She had decided to get baptized and it was such a special day. We were blessed to be
able to have her baptism all to herself with only our family and close friends.
I was so grateful to the friends and family who came to support her. It cannot be explained in words how much that means to a mother. 
I had put together a slide show to have running while I helped her change after she was baptized. A good friend of ours who was also officiating the baptism saw that I was going to be using my laptop to show the video and quickly called his wife to bring their giant projector screen. He got everything set up and everything turned out so great. Hailey was obviously baptized by Nate and was witnessed by her Grandpa Johnson and Grandpa Luke. After her baptism, we invited everyone over to our house for some lunch. I remember her actual baptism day being cold and rainy. It seemed to warm up by the end of the day. We decided that we would give the girls their own set of scriptures on their baptism day and Hailey had already picked out her scripture bag.

November 2014 Hailey's Birthday Party

This year, Hailey really wanted to have an animal show for her birthday. We had the Bean Museum at BYU come and do an animal show at our home. I was impressed with the things they brought as well as how interactive they were with the kids. I would definitely recommend this to anyone.
Her friends of choice this year were:
Tiare Lopez, Maya Merz, Savanah, Lincoln, Kaden Tingey, Hudson, Christian Beasley