Monday, April 25, 2011


Easter was SO fun this year. 
Hailey and Addy really got into it and loved every minute of it.
The Easter Bunny kept their baskets pretty simple. They each got a movie that
they've wanted and a coloring book and a small toy.
Oh, and some candy too.

They woke up and were so excited to see what the Easter Bunny left them. Hailey immediately saw the candy trail on the stairs and couldn't wait to see what else was waiting for her downstairs.
(Nates family has a tradition of making a candy trail to the baskets)

After Church, and after Addy took a nap, we headed up to Grandpa and Grandma Johnson's for an Easter Egg Hunt and some yummy dinner with the family.

The Easter Egg Hunt is a BIG deal in this family. At least it has become more so, since grandkids have come along and spouses. It's a competition, really. A fun one at that.
The eggs are filled with money. Most are change, but there are some that have $1 dollar bills, $5 dollar bills, $10 dollar bills and the MOST coveted one, the $20!
After the youngest goes first, followed by the other young children, then the older grandchildren, it is then a free for all once the adults are unleashed.
It's quite funny.

still searching for eggs...

The big find of the day...

The Johnson Clan
(minus Carmen and Ben & Adam and Tonna)

Jessie got the $20 this year!
It was in an empty Krispy Kreme box in the garbage can.

Speaking of Jessica, check out their family pictures on my photography blog here.

Family photo op!

Super Cute!

Super Hot!!

Such a monkey!

Two peas in a pod...


Then, it was time for some yummy food!!!

Prime Rib Roast


Roasted Veggies

Strawberry Shortcake

All taking a bite at the same time.

Such a great Easter with great people.

I watched The Lamb of God today in my class in Young Womens and it was the perfect video to watch to remind me of the real meaning for the holiday. 

To this day, I still have a hard time comprehending all the Savior did and continues to do for me.
It gave me great appreciation this day for the many blessings I have. The greatest blessing of all is my family and i'm grateful I have my sweet girls and amazing husband. Beyond our little joys are the rest of the Johnson and Luke clan and I am so blessed to be a part of all of them.

I hope you all had a great Easter as well and that the real meaning played a part in your hearts too.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Swinging into Spring

 We had quite a few nice days this last week. One of those days, we decided to go for a little walk to the park near our house.  We invited Jay and Rachel to come with us and they did. I'm so glad Rachel brought her camera because she got some really great shots.

Definitely the favorite shot of the day.  I love her little feet.

Goofy Jay and Rachel
Tandem swinging didn't work so well.

Daddy helping with shoes.

Such a happy girl swinging with mom

The girl is seriously obsessed with swinging. She has no interest of doing anything else at the park.
All she wants me to do is push her the ENTIRE time.


Rachel playing with Addy

Silly Hailey... rarely around for pictures. Or I should say rarely still enough for pictures.

Another favorite of the day...

but for now, since the forcast is calling for a crud load of rain the next two weeks, at least I have these cute pictures to look back on and dream of warmer days to come.

Monday, April 18, 2011

30 and Spoiled!

Yes, yes. I turned 30 today. Nate has been constantly reminding me lately that i'm old and i'm going to lose my hearing soon. It's all in good fun, of course. At least he gets a kick out of it. :-)  It was all in preparation for such an amazing birthday.

I woke up this morning to find some cute cards from Nater and my girls.

Nate took the whole day off just to spend with me.  He made plans with his mom to watch the girls for us all day and he took me on a shopping spree.

We left the girls at about 10:30am and headed to the mall. We spent a couple hours there, then went to get some ice cream before heading to the movies. We saw the movie Soul Surfer. HIGHLY recommended. We both really liked it a lot. Plus, it was a good sunny movie to watch on such a rainy day.

After the movie, we headed out to do a little more shopping. I was super spoiled. Then we went and picked up the girls. When we got there, they presented me with this adorable rice krispy treat and some sweet little pictures that they made.

We took them to Carl's Jr. (one of their favorite places to go) and got them some food and let them play for a bit before heading home. At home, Hailey and Addy were SO excited to see all my new stuff I got. It was really fun to see them get so into it.  After getting them to bed, Nate headed out to pick up some Steak Gorgonzola at Olive Garden along with some yummy cheesecake. Now i'm just waiting for him to get back so we can eat in peace and watch a movie!!

Hailey and her amazing camera skills...

My sweetie and me..

My sweet girls

It really has been such a great birthday. I owe it all to Nate for making my 30th a memorable one. I'm just excited that my next thirty years will all be spent with him and my sweet girls.

Here's to 30 years and going strong!!!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Easter Traditions

It's Friday night, Nater went to pick up Outback for us, the kids are in bed and i'm pondering. 
Pondering on the subject of Easter. Since having kids, I have always just done what I remember my parents doing for us growing up.  
Simple Easter basket with some eggs and candy, maybe a little toy if we were lucky. Along side the basket was ALWAYS a new dress. Shirt and pants for my brothers of course. That would be weird if they got dresses too. 

What i've come to realize though, is some people make Easter HUGE deal. Like BIG presents deal.  Is this normal? Have I been missing out all these years?  

Naw, while keeping the real meaning of this holiday in mind, I want to know what your Easter traditions are.   I'm curious as to if it is a big deal and I just don't know it?  If i'm not a cool mom for not making it a big deal? Please tell me, what do you do for Easter??

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

ROXY G irls

I've been working a lot with the girls and CHORES around the house. They have gotten really good at FOLDING things. Towels, laundry, blankets, etc.  Every day, I have them make their bed, which consists of folding the one blanket on their beds. We've never bought them 'BEDDING' because the have always just been blanket girls. 

Nate and I decided that it's time they learn how to make a REAL bed. That's right, sheets, comforter, deco pillows, the whole bit. So, after saving up some credit at Bed Bath and Beyond, I took the plunge and bought them some new bedding.

Cute, right???!!

The girls are super stoked! And so am I!  I have loved this bedding since the first time I saw it. PLUS, the girls love it too. I was hoping they would pick this one out, and they did. :-)

(a little side note, they both came in our room together this morning and Hailey told us that she woke up from a bad dream last night and woke up Addy and asked her to come sleep with her so she wouldn't be scared.)

It made my heart melt. 

Sunday, April 10, 2011


My friend Megan shared this GREAT activity idea with me and i'll be forever grateful. It's a ton of fun.

Here's what you need:

Hershey's Syrup
Food Dye
6 Clear cups

Simple right?
Ok, here's what you do...

You pour a TINY amount of milk in the bottom of each cup.
Add food coloring to make the colors of the rainbow,
red, yellow, orange, green, blue, purple
you could also just do the 4 colors if you want.

then, you just let the kids have a blast pouring and mixing and learning what colors look like mixed with other colors.

Then, once they are all mixed and the milk looks brown, you add a little chocolate syrup and they get to enjoy and yummy little treat!


If your kids are anything like mine, they LOVE to pour stuff, mix stuff, and eat treats. This little activity gives them the satisfaction of each of those and they'll definitely beg you to do it again. Mine do EVERY day. :-)

Happy Mixing!