Monday, September 28, 2009

Darn Parks...

Not to overshadow my previous post that has only been on for about 24 hours, but I have a new event that happened today that's blog worthy.

Today, like any other day, our friend came over to see us when she got home from work. As usual, Hailey wanted to go play at her house so she did. I get a text from Lezlee saying that they were going to go to the park. Sounds fun, huh?!

Well, 20 minutes later, I hear them come walking in the house. Usually, it goes something like this... (a LOUD door opening) then Hailey screaming "MOM! I'm HOME!"

today was a little different. It went more like this... "um, Tiff? We're back a little early cuz we had a slight accident."

I come out of my room to see Lezlee holding a very scared little Hailey. Hailey reaches for me, begins to cry and as the hand-off is taking place, we see blood all down the back of Hailey's shirt.

Yes, I said blood. So we CUT her shirt off of her, not knowing where the blood is coming from. Her back was scraped up and we noticed that her hair was completely saturated in the back with blood.

What happened was, she was at the park, reached for the monkey bars, her hands slipped and she hit the back of her head on a metal landing before then proceeding to fall and hit the ground. OUCH! it makes my stomach cringe just thinking about it. I'm glad I didn't see it.. I would have nightmares. However, I feel horrible that Lezlee DID see it.

So, her back is scraped up and her head is split open. We take her to the instacare after having a good friend who is a nurse check her out at home. By this time, she's feeling better after having a little medicine to help with the pain.

At the instacare, we find out she will definitely need staples! DOUBLE OUCH!
So, they put some numbing cream on a gauze pad and ask me to hold it on her head for 15 minutes. YEAH RIGHT! We all know Hailey won't let anyone TOUCH her for 15 minutes let alone with a huge gash in her head! So the smart lady at the front desk asked the nurse to come wrap her head so that it would stay. Genious!

Then, they had to clean it. Yes, this was brutal. She had to lay on her stomach on a chair with her head in her hands while they covered her with towels to keep the blood from running all over everything and then they shot streams of water onto it to clean it out with water pressure. Poor thing. She did NOT like that.

Then came the staples. Enough said.

Now, she's sound asleep. At least for now. I'm praying that it doesn't cause her too much irritation while she sleeps. After the last few days and nights she and I have had, she needs all the sleep she can get.

As for Lezlee.. she was a mess. She felt horrible and was shaking a good part of the afternoon over the unfortunate event, but i'm just so glad to have such good friends that care so much about my sweet girls.

so now, at the close of this CRAZY day, I bid farewell and plead... sleep tight little H.. you'll feel better tomorrow!

Sunday, September 27, 2009


I have a confession. I have favorites. I know in life you should try to not play favorites, but I can't help it. I have my favorite people.

Let me introduce you to them.

Don't be jealous... I'm justified in having these three as my favorite people. I'll explain.

Nate: he's my best friend. has been for a long time. There is nobody I can imagine spending the rest of my life and eternity with. He's smart. He's funny... well, he thinks he is, anyways! He's genuine. He's dedicated. He's extremely good looking. He's loving. He's the best dad. He's talented. He's happy. He's thoughtful. He's nice. Best of all: he's mine. And I will love him forever!

Hailey: she's a monkey. She's beautiful. she's funny. She's happy. she's super smart. she's busy. she's loud. she's goofy. she's antagonistic. she's persistant. she's got great hair. she has such a sweet sprit. she is my friend. she's a great big sister. she teaches. she's active. she makes me laugh-A LOT. Best of all: she's mine. and I will love her forever!

Addy: she's sweet. she's got gorgeous eyes. she's trusting. she's happy. she's loving. she's cuddly. she's playful. she's into everything. she's picked on. she's in love with her big sister. she wants to do everything she does. she makes me smile a lot. she is a daddy's girl. she's blonde (seriously?) she's got such pretty skin. she's warm. she's kind. Best of all: she's mine. and I will love her forever!

The other night, I walked in to see this:

It made me smile.
It almost made me cry.
It happens all the time yet, I never seem to get enough of it, and it never seems less important than the millions of times it happened before.

They are my life.

How blessed I am...

Best of all: They're Mine.

And I will love them forever.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

sticky fingers and lots of laughs

Let me tell you about my day. I had been up quite a bit with little H last night with her night terrors. I know that it is scary and sad for her, but man, they are KILLING me as well. So, with no sleep in the last two weeks since this began, I hit a brick wall this morning and was quite tired. After a little cat-nap during quiet time, I decided in order for me to make it through the day, I needed to spice it up a little since we were stuck at home with no vehicle.

so, get ready for a journey of cute photos that display none other than my sweet girls playing with homemade edible playdough. That's right ya'll... edible! :-)

After this hour of laughter, sweet smiles and yummy playdough, how could anyone have a bad day...

To my sweet girls...thanks for reminding me that even though I can hardly keep my eyes open, I wouldn't change a thing about my life.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

TuTu Girl

I've mentioned in a previous post that i've been in the 'crafty' mood lately. Maybe it's just more of a 'homemaking' mood, but nonetheless, it feels good. It feels good to use my imagination and make some things at home that my family can enjoy without the expense.

So, as Nate and I sit up watching Alias into the late late hours of the night, I have tried my hand at making a tutu for Hailey. It took one night and she loves it. It's a little big on her, but oh well.

Along with this, i've made sock puppets, journals, peach melba jam, edible play dough, built a shelf in my laundry room, organized my food storage, painted re-decorated my bedroom and a few other things. and to continue tooting my own horn, I've even made dinner every night this week!!!! Ugh, just talking about it makes me feel exhausted. At the same time, it feels good to put myself to use and know that if I put my mind to it, I can get a lot accomplished!

Now, just to keep it up. In the past, I have noticed that these spurts of energy come and go quickly, so we'll see how long it lasts!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


We just got back from a really fun family reunion in Las Vegas. One night, we got together and I took family pictures of everyone. At one particular moment, I was a little frustrated with little H because she was just crazy and not listening and whining and just being 2. Well, at one point, I was trying to get a shot of my parents when she ran in the shot and sat in their lap. I have to admit, at the time, I was SO frustrated with her that I was telling her to get up and move out of the picture. Well, as any person who loves photography does, I kept taking pictures even though I was irritated. Now, looking back, this picture means more to me than any irritation ever could. It made me realize how often times I am frustrated about something that doesn't even matter and in reality, if I look at it from a different angle, it can actually bring about something priceless.

More reunion pictures to come here and on my photography blog as well.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

New and Fresh

For some time now, I have played with many ideas of what to do with my bedroom. I hated the walls because they showed every little scratch, hole and dirt that it has accumulated over the years. I needed a change. It just wasn't the escape from the world that i've always wanted my bedroom to be. So.. I made some changes. I don't have before pictures, but here's what it looks like now. I haven't completely put it back together, but you get the idea. I love the rich look of the chocolate walls. Thanks to my friend Lezlee for helping me paint during nap times!

This is one of my many projects I have going on lately. I've made Hailey a couple dresses, journals, sock puppets, etc. Pictures to come.