Sunday, December 16, 2012

 We've had the privilege of seeing Luke a lot lately. Well, not a lot, but more than we usually do. Luke is my cousin and my uncle has had the opportunity to work up in Draper once a month for a week and he brought Luke with him this time. The girls absolutely love him. He is the best kid ever. Hailey and Luke spent a lot of time outside riding bikes and rollerblading.  It was a great week for me because the girls were so entertained by Luke that I was able to get so much done. Thanks Luke! :-)

Yes, those are my HUGE rollerblades Hailey is wearing.

We know that when uncle Marty comes to town, there won't be a low supply of ice cream in our home. It's always something to look forward to. I love my family.
And we miss Luke.

Happy 6th Hailey!

 This year for Hailey's birthday, she wanted to go rollerblading.  So, we took her and all our family and went skating at Classic Skating.  This was the girls first time going and they absolutely loved it. Hailey wanted her own rollerblades for her birthday. She had been wearing mine outside and wanted some that fit her better. She also asked for a Macaw cake. I wasn't sure how I was going to pull that one off, but in the end, it turned out alright.

This was Hailey putting on MY rollerblades.

Addy and the scooter. She holds the handlebars funny because this is how she is use to holding things with a cast on. With her having to wear a cast for two months, she got very use to this position.

The new blades.

This is a blurry picture of my brother and I. We were rollerbladers back in the day and got quite good at it. So, here we are wishing we were young again. :-)  

Hailey had so much fun at her party this night that she couldn't stop skating and we had to force her to leave the floor. She has become quite the little blader with her new rollerblades.
I can't believe she's 6.  She is just a ball of energy and fearless and I love that about her. She has the best spunky personality and it's just so fun being around her.
Happy Birthday Monkey!