Sunday, April 30, 2017

May 2015 Friends Recap

My friends are great and weird and normal and abnormal and everything in between. 
We are the lucky 7 and we are lucky to have eachother.
Don't know what I'd do without them... besides have less random selfies on my phone.

Sariah Batt, Grayson Wolf, Stacy Hjorth, Marie Whetten, Talara Lara, Becky Morgan

May 2015 iPhone randoms

80's Day at school

Hailey found this tadpole at Nate's softball game  and begged us to keep it. We did and got to watch it turn into a frog.

New Car! 2014 Honda Accord

Hailey was being tested for enlarged adenoids. She had to have a scope go down her nose and into her throat. I was so impressed at her bravery. She does have very large adenoids but we opted out of having them removed.

Mother's Day with Grandma

We often say that Koda thinks he is part Meerkat.

FREEZING at a softball game!!!

Grayson and I at the Sweet Tooth Fairy

Hailey, Addy, Maya and Sophie

Hailey told me she found a new place for her underwear. This is what I found.

Rainy day during pickup!