Friday, June 25, 2010

Princess Hailey

I took Hailey to the Princess Festival in Lindon today and it far exeeded my expectations. This place was amazing and WELL worth the $30 registration fee. When we got there, they had Hailey's Princess Packet all ready  for her and she was off running around meeting Princesses and playing in Ariel's fountain.

The festivities began for Hailey's group and off they went to defeat the Season Queen's and give them all a change of Heart. Not to mention the Princess they rescued from the tower..

They all referred to her as 'Princess Hailey' and were so incredibly kind. She went 'flying' with Peter Pan and Tinkerbell on the tramp, after getting sprinkled with Pixie Dust.

The Prince fitted her for a princess shoe and 'magically' it fit just right. All the characters gave an amazing performance that included singing, dancing and a fun story of courage.

There were booths with yummy food and snacks, waterbottles with a princess label and a huge covered playground. I was blown away with how amazing this charity event was and all the characters who volunteer their time to put together this great even for little girls. Hailey felt like a princess all day and could not stop talking about it.

Grandma even had to spoil her with some new princess dress ups from the festival itself. Hailey offered to take a picture with Addy as Cinderella and Addy was VERY excited to ablige! So cute.

I will definitely be making this a yearly tradition from now on.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My Heart Took A Picture Yesterday

Yesterday while mowing the lawn, I hear a faint scream. Not thinking anything of it, I kept mowing. A few minutes later, Hailey came walking into the backyard crying. She had been attacked by our kitty and it made her really sad. I sat on the front porch with her trying to console her while watching these cute little girls set up a drink shop across the street.

Suddenly, this little girl from our neighborhood runs over to see if Hailey is ok, since she saw her crying. Then she asked if Hailey would like to come hang out with them and help them sell drinks. Of course she was THRILLED. This was the first time I have ever let Hailey play across the street by herself with some friends. Those of you who are familiar with my neighborhood, know why.

I went back to mowing my lawn when a little while later, I see all three girls AND Hailey running into the backyard. They held up an ice cream that was clearly bought by the ice cream truck (I hate Ice Cream trucks-but I let this one slide). They said:

"We bought this for Hailey, but we wanted to make sure it was ok with you first."

Okay, REALLY? These three little girls spent ALL the little coins they had made selling drinks to buy my little Hailey an ice cream. They took care of her, let her help them yell at cars to buy some drinks, walked her across the street every time she needed to come home for any reason, let her drink ALL the juice she wanted AND even asked if I wanted her to get paid for being hired by them. How CUTE is that?

Later that evening, they came to the house after they were all done with some change in their hands. They said they heard Hailey say she wanted to buy a toy at Walmart so they were bringing her some money to do that. My heart took a picture of my little BIG girl and her sweet friends
that took such good care of her.