Thursday, July 3, 2014

Thanksgiving Feast and Christmas Treats!

This year in Hailey's first grade class, they had a Thanksgiving Feast. I always help out in their classes as much as I can. I love being a part of their growth in life. It was set up so cute. The girls had paper bonnets they wore and the boys had hats and vests. Hailey is very particular about food. So, she wasn't too happy about the soup that was provided for them. :-)

I was Room Mom for Addy's Kindergarten class so I was in charge of the Christmas Party.
Thanks to so many parents who pitched in, I really didn't have a ton to do. However, the snacks and treats were all me and I loved making the north pole cupcakes.

Addy and Mrs. Wolf

December iPhone Randoms

Hailey loves her bubble baths.

We ran into Benson and Carmen at Costco one day and this was how Benson greeted us.

Another selfie by Addy

Such a precious little face.

First year back at basketball after his shoulder surgery and knee injury.
He amazes me with how good he is at sports.

never a dull moment.

Another Addy selfie.

Movie time with these littles to see Frozen.

Giant ice daggers outside my window.

This girl loves her puppy. Koda is such a patient dog.

hanging out in the parking lot waiting for Hailey to get done with school.

Begging us for robes at costco. Who can resist those cute faces??  I DID!!! 


Winter Happenings

This winter has been COLD. Much colder than in years past. However,
that doesn't stop us from enjoying as much of it as possible.

These girls were given a blob of shaving cream and were told to make the best Santa beard they could.
The look on their faces was hilarious. They looked at us like we had gone coocoo.  But, once they dove in to their shaving cream, it was nothing but pure joy at the idea of making an approved mess.

Christmas Cookies!!

Gingerbread house with dad. Hailey's only interest was eating the frosting straight from the tube.

Why use utensils when you have fingers?

The girls love going to Thanksgiving Point to see the Reindeer every year. The only problem is, it's SO dang cold and windy that we literally only stay for a couple minutes, then leave. I remember this night well. I remember that I wasn't feeling well for some reason and that after this, we took the girls to the mall to have some Chik fil A for dinner and see Santa.

Like Mother, Like Daughter

This little one has followed me around her whole life. Litterally. It's quite an honor to be that person she wants to be with all the time.  This is usually how our mornings go when i'm getting ready. I can always see her little face in the mirror behind me watching me do makeup.  I love this little hip attachment with all my heart.  She keeps me on my toes and she keeps me smiling all the time.

November iPhone randoms

Summer and I with a really creepy Santa at the Riverwoods in Provo

These girls sure love their daddy.

And this little guy sure loves his Uncle Nate.

These girls are my buddies. I don't know what i'd do without them.

I always find random selfies by Addy on my phone.

Thanksgiving with the Johnsons!  

Thanksgiving with my Nate.

Family Photo Op

This girl surprises me with how affectionate she is at times. She is growing up way too fast and it's moments like these that I hold in my heart for a LONG time.

The girls started doing this thing a long time ago where they hold on to me like a train at the mall. To this day, they still do it.


There's nothing quite like that first snowfall of the year.
I remember how excited Addy was to wake up to seeing this out my window.
(November 2013)