Friday, February 29, 2008

Definitely a girl!

We had our main ultrasound today and the doctor confirmed that we are for sure having another baby girl! We are so excited that Hailey will have a little sister. Nate, of course, is excited at the fact that we don't really have to buy much for the little one since we are all girled out over here already. Everything looked great as far as organ functionality and size. She's a healthy 1 pound and my due date has changed yet again to the 7th of July. We can't wait!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Transition Woes...

With a new baby coming and all, we have decided to start getting Hailey out of her crib and into a twin bed. Although I have anxiety about it simply because she sleeps so good now, I think the transition will be fine. I was worried about all her other transitions: bottle, crib, etc and she did just fine on all of them! So, now we are on to a 'big girl' bed and slowly working on the binky thing! If anyone out there has any advice, i'm all ears! :-) Till then, wish me luck!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Dolphins and Sunshine!

It can't get much better than that! We went to Vegas this past weekend to see my family and we had a blast! The weather was perfect and we just played till our hearts content. My mom and dad have a huge playroom that is any kids dream that they built for their grandkids, so Hailey was pretty much occupied the whole time with that. As for Nate and I, we loved being able to just relax away from every day life and enjoy the sunshine. Nate took me out to dinner at Outback the first night we were there. Grandpa and Grandma were VERY excited to hang out with the Monkey for the night. We went to breakfast, and lunch and had a bbq and all kinds of family get togethers, including the Valentine's Dinner that I already blogged about previously. Then on Monday, we took the kids to the Dolphin Habitat at the Mirage. Hailey kept yelling "FISH!" every time one would jump out of the water! She loved it. It was such a fun trip despite the awful drive to Vegas in the yucky slush and snow that coated our car! But, all in all, we were SO glad we went and SO sad to come home! It always goes by way too fast!

Valentines Dinner

Every Holiday, my mom does a huge family dinner with everyone and it's always themed. For Valentines, she made meatloaf that was in the shape of a heart, surrounded by mashed potatoes to give it the 'lace' effect! It really was quite amazing. Everything is displayed either in a heart shape, or a heart bowl or something that has to do with hearts! It was so fun. Hailey of course, was all dressed up for the occasion in her little heart outfit and ready to eat! This is how all holidays are at the Luke home. Mom goes all out!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

My Little Gymnast!

I decided quite a while ago that I really wanted to get Hailey into something that was invigorating and energetic for her spunky little personality. I took her to her first gymnastics class today and it was a BLAST! First, they played little instruments and sang songs, then they let them dance to music with mommy, then balance on the balance beam and play till their little hearts are content. I can't tell you the happiness I felt as she was in her element of playing and running and screaming with all the other kids her age. It made me want to stay there all day. She was amazing on the balance beam. One foot in front of the other! She loved playing basketball with the soft, rubbery balls they had and even enjoyed helping pick up all the toys! It was nice for me to have something to take her to that was interactive and fun for us to do together. I was such a proud mommy! My little gymnast!