Sunday, April 21, 2013

Random IPhone Pics


Helping at Addy's school for Valentine's Day

Beautiful Girl

Valentines Dinner for my family

Addy and her Kayla Doll

The girls waiting for church to start

Addy and her new dress sent to her from her cousins Bella and Senna

Addy's Selfies.

Baby Benson

The girls snuggling with grandma


Addy went out to breakfast with me and one of my previous Young Women


Addy and Mommy

Blue Skies!!!!

Addy layed like this for quite a while..



Sleeping Beauty

I love watching my kids sleep. It might be a bit of an obsession. There's something about knowing that they are safe, unharmed and in dreamy land.  It gives me comfort that I got through another day with them and they are safe.

One day my little thumb sucker will stop sucking her thumb and I might be trying hard to get her to stop for her sake, I might be a little sad when that day  comes because then I will know she's growing up even faster than she is. 


These two are the best little girls ever. Aside from that, they are the best little buds.

I'm so glad they have each other.

Gym Rats

Nate and I have come down with a bit of an obsession. You wouldn't really know it by looking at me, but he on the other hand looks AMAZING. We go to the gym QUITE often. He goes every day on his lunch break and I go as often as I can, which equals about 4 - 6 times a week. We have been really good about watching what we eat. For the most part, we have been absent from sugar since the beginning of the year. Well, besides our Cruise of course, but that's for another post.  Nate is super disciplined and has helped me with my eating. He pretty much tells me what to eat but not in a controlling husband sort of way. I've asked him to do so and he's been a great health counselor. He does a lot of research. Anyways, it's been a lot of fun doing this together and when he has days off during the week, we NEVER miss a chance to lift together. Good times.

GMO (Girls Morning Out)

I love these girls. My friend Shantel and I have been friends for almost a decade now and have been through a lot together. She introduced me to Kayla and I absolutely love hanging out with these girls. 
Hanging out with them is seriously so addictive. They are the funnest and funniest girls ever.
I always leave from out hangouts in great moods.
This particular morning, we went out to brunch at Magelbys Fresh for Shantel's birthday.

Kayla, Tiff, Shantel

Photoshoot by Hailey & Addy

So, the girls wanted to take some pictures of us one day and this was the result. They told us what to do and how to pose. It was pretty awesome.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Date Night with Mommy!!

Sometimes, Nate has to work late. There were a couple nights in a row where he was working till way past bedtime so I took my girls on a little date. We went shopping at the mall then had dinner at Chik-fil-a. It was such a fun night with these two precious girls. We took these pictures to send to Daddy at work.


Santa got the girls a gift card to Build-A-Bear this year and so did Grandma and Grandpa Johnson. The girls were so excited to go make a new little snuggle friend. They are the best little sisters. They were helping each other pick out which bear to get, which outfit to get, etc. They did not go anywhere without their new friends for quite a while. So cute.

Circus Time

Every year we take the girls to the circus and every year I ask myself why. I mean, don't get me wrong, it's entertaining, but it's not a very good circus. I know I should look at it from a child's perspective, but I've seen better and i'm always a little disappointed  Well, besides the guy who does the tightrope and walks on the revolving 'whatever that thing is'. Those are some intense moments.  Regardless, the girls have a good time and there always ends up being a moment of sadness when we tell them we will not pay $10 for someone to paint a little butterfly on their cheek.  This time, we gave in and handed over our life savings for them to ride a camel. But really, when will you ever ride a camel?