Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Halloween 2012

Tradition has been to take the girls Trick-Or-Treating in Grandpa and Grandma's neighborhood in Orem. This year was no different.  The girls love it and we love it, so why change a good thing, right?  Nate's mom and dad are kind enough to provide some food for us and we take the girls out for a night of fun and safe trick or treating.

This year, Hailey wanted to be a Macaw and Addy wanted to be a Colorful Fairy. I think they both turned out pretty darn cute. This year was super fun since they got to trick-or-treat with their little cousin Benson. He was an adorable dragon.

The girls always get quite the workout trick-or-treating in this neighborhood. There are lots of hills and long steep driveways to walk up. In the end, we ended up with WAY too much candy and some very happy little girls.  They got tired pretty fast and we didn't even make it through the whole neighborhood like we usually do, but Nate and I didn't mind.  We went back to grandma and grandpa's for some pizza and hang out time. The girls love to help grandpa hand out candy at their house. It's always so fun for them to see others dressed up too.  It was a successful Halloween and more dress-ups to add to their overflowing bin of such.  Nate and I are NOT fans of the girls eating candy. Especially a lot of it.  The good news is, they aren't use to much sweets around our house, so they usually forget about their stash after a couple days. That's just what happened this year as well and i'm so glad.  It was a successful Halloween full of fun and family.. just the way I like it.

Halloween Dress-Up No.1

We were invited to a Halloween party at our neighbor's house. It was a pretty rockin' party if I must say so. They rented this awesome ship that was placed in their front yard and the kids absolutely loved it.  The party was a 'Costumes a Must' party, even though there were plenty of party poopers. Nate and I decided to take the plunge and dress up.

I have to admit, Nate's costume was the best.  I can't believe I got him to a. dress up and b. attend a social event all in the same night.  

Damon and Summer joined us at the party with their kiddos as well. We had a really good time. It's been YEARS since I've been to a Halloween party let alone dress up for one.


Hailey lost her first tooth! She had been wiggling it for weeks and was super excited the day it finally came out. She was pretty nervous about it and wouldn't let us touch it much once it got really loose, then one day, while I was cleaning, she was sitting in front of a mirror playing with it when 'POP'!!!! Out it came.

I thought it would be fun to do a little side by side comparison from when I was her age and I lost my first tooth. It's pretty crazy.

The tooth next to the one that came out is barely loose as well. Not too much longer till she has a nice BIG window in her mouth.