Monday, August 11, 2014

Superbowl 2014

Traditionally, we end up at John's mom's house for the Superbowl. The guys watch the game, the girls hang out and visit and the kids play in the basement. Oh, and there is always yummy food too!  This year I made cupcakes... and something else but I can't remember.  It was the Seahawks VS. Broncos and even though some people were rooting for the Broncos, I had a Seahawks Jersey in my closet that was begging to be worn. Why I have a Seahawks Jersey, I don't know.  However, I wore it. Hailey is such a little sucker when it comes to babies and little kids. They all seem to just love her. Jace is no exception. He loves Hailey.


Planetarium Field Trip

Hailey had a field trip to the Planetarium in Salt Lake City with her 1st grade class. I went along as a chaperon and it was a really fun day.  

Christian Beesley, Hailey, Sabrina Orellana

Parker Mecham, Christian Beesley, Hailey, Sabrina Orellana, Colston Cooper

Hailey, Christian Beesley, Parker Mecham, Colston Cooper

January iPhone Randoms

Addy made a friend in the shower.

Addy has an obsession with selfies.

We loved seeing Amber and Danny when they came through town. We miss them so much.

Addy has always been the one who loves for me to do her hair cute every day.

Hailey lost a tooth at school and they gave her this little tooth box to keep it in.

Gavin's family was in town during his birthday so we got to celebrate with him this year.

Date night!!

These girls love their daddy so much.

You're missing out if you haven't seen one of these girls sing-offs.

Hailey attempted violin. She got bored with it way too fast.

Lost another one.. within a week.

It's often that I find these two snuggled like this fast asleep.

Practicing sentences... 'I like my sister'


Just because... 

Super Girls!

Basketball is Back!

This is the first basketball season Nate has been able to play since having surgery on his shoulder.  As always, he played very well. He missed it. His team missed him.  This team has been playing together since before I met Nate. It's been fun to see the usual players every year and their wives and kids grow up as well as meet the newcomers and see how they do on the team.  Nate's brother Jordan plays with them as well so it's always fun to watch them play together. Layne Sisk is also a regular. We consider him family. I was playing with my phone doing motion pictures at some of his games. Hailey and Addy have been faithful fans since the day they were born.  To this day, they still love going to daddy's games.  It's definitely part of our lifestyle.  An unfortunate event of spraining an ankle happened in the middle of the season, so that was lame.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Benson's Birthday Bash!

Hailey and Benson have always had a special little relationship. He loves her so much and the feeling is mutual.  They had a blast playing with each other during his birthday party. Our good friend Kathy Sisk made Benson's birthday cake and it turned out adorable. This little guy is just so fun. He has a very spunky personality and he know's what he wants. He is very tender hearted and loves to play in the dirt. He loves his mama more than anything and can have moments of being shy when there are too many people around. We just love him to pieces.

New Year's Eve 2014

Jordan's Birthday falls on New Year's Eve and it's become tradition that every year, we go out to lunch to celebrate his birthday. For many years, he has chosen Ruby River Steakhouse in Provo. Nobody complains about that.. we are a family of carnivores. Hailey finished her meal and came to sit with me. A favorite pastime of the girls is to take pictures with my phone. To celebrate the New Year's Eve holiday, we met at Carmen and Ben's house to play games and eat treats. It's always a good time with family.

Happy New Years!!!!