Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Obviously, it's hard to see in pictures how severe something is. But it's pretty bad. Here's the story:

Hailey and I wanted to make cookies today. We have pretty much been making cookies a couple times a week lately! But, today was a sad cookie day. Hailey was sitting on the counter and tried to swing her legs around to get off by herself when I heard a crashing noise of a cookie sheet hitting the floor. My friend Megan and I turn around and see a burning hot cookie sheet on the ground and Hailey crying. After a few seconds, her leg blistered up pretty bad and she was miserable. Then, after a lengthy conversation with her doctor, he told me what to do and asked me to keep a close eye on it. His main concern was that it's near a joint and if it's bad enough, it could cause problems with the movement of her leg if it doesn't heal properly. SO, we'll keep a close eye. If it starts to look worse, I have to take her in right away. Poor thing...

Thursday, August 20, 2009


Has anyone been to Costco lately? I have. In fact, I go to Costco once a week to do my shopping and it's one of my favorite stores. Nate basically works to support my Costco habbit.

Well, i'm a little frustrated. A few days ago, we went to do our regular shopping and in the holiday section they had some Halloween decorations out. Hanging above the decorations was a display of a GIGANTIC Bat. Not just any bat.. this thing is FREAKY looking. It has a pretty scary face with red eyes and is just creepy.

As we walked by, Hailey, of course caught a glimpse and was suddenly really scared and burying her head in my shoulder. At one point, we had to walk by it a second time and she crouched down in the cart with her hands over her eyes and asked me to tell her when it was gone. I knew at that point, we would have a problem.

Since then, while trying to put her to bed at night, she cries that the bat is going to get her. Nate even had to give her a blessing that night to calm her down. Last night, she specifically asked for another blessing to make her feel better.

Is it just me, or should those kind of things not be displayed in a 'family' type store??!! Now, I can't go to Costco till Halloween is over with my kids. I shouldn't have to find a sitter to do my shopping (although, that's not a bad idea! :-)

Even still... i'm a little frustrated that some stores display things so creepy at Halloween. I mean, I get that it's a creepy holiday, but reallY??? Why THOSE things? Can't they just display happy ghosts or even just regular ghosts with simple faces? Or scarecrows or pumpkins or jack-o-lanterns? Why the scary stuff that causes our kids nightmares???

Costco, if you're reading, please spare my kids the nightmares and restless nights and display something a little more pleasant! PLEASE!

Signing off,
Frustrated Mom

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

And They're Off...

We said goodbye to some of our greatest friends yesterday. Luckily, we were able to go out to dinner with them before they left last weekend. Ben is in the military and finished up at BYU so off to training he goes. I don't know how they do it, but Jamie will be husbandless and Ben will be wifeless and the kids will be fatherless for 6 months till he is done, then they will be stationed in Louisiana for 3 years. We're happy for them to be moving on, but it's sad. Jamie and I have become extremely close and it just sucks to see them go. Ben has been playing softball with Nate this year all around its a sad loss for us. They will be moving on to bigger and better things though, so we are happy for them in the end. Anyways, good luck in your travels and all to come guys! We love you!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Naps?? Are they over??

I'm struggling with trying to figure something out. Little H is confusing me. She has such a hard time going to sleep at night the last few months. It all started when I tried to put the two girls in the same room. Addy would wake Hailey up from crying, and from then on, Hailey wakes up randomly at night and says she's scared. So, now that Hailey has a hard time sleeping through the night some nights there is a new little issue... Naps.

Here's the usual schedule(which has worked quite well for me)
7-7:30 - Hailey wakes up
8ish - Addy wakes up
8:30 - Breakfast
9ish - run errands or take Nate to work if needs be
10am - Addy's morning nap & fun time with Hailey
11:30am - Addy wakes up and we run errands(if we have a car that day)
1-1:30pm - Lunch
2pm - Both girls go down for Naps
4ish- girls wake up
6ish - Daddy gets home and we have dinner
7:15 - bath time
8pm- Addy goes to bed
8-9pm - Hailey goes to bed. (mind you, we brush teeth, go potty, then read a story, say extremely cute prayers, hugs and kisses, sing a song or two, while tickling her arm, THEN leave the door open and she goes to bed.
10pm: go check on the girls, close Hailey's door and continue my quiet time.

Seems like it works right? Well..it does for the most part. The issue i'm having is lately we put Hailey to bed and she'll lay in her bed and play for an hour, sometimes two and doesn't end up asleep till about 10:30 or later sometimes. Now, in between the time of putting her to bed and her falling asleep, it's sometimes filled with:
"mommy, my toe hurts"
"mommy, my room is pink"
"mommy, I have to go potty"
"mommy, there's a shadow on my wall"
"mommy, Toshi is sad" (her teddy bear)
"mommy, I had a rough day, will you make me feel better?"....

and the list goes on of excuses she uses to get out of her bed, or to just make me come to her. Now, we have tried ignoring her, which only makes her really upset, telling her if she gets out of her bed again, we'll shut her door... which works, but now,she just yells to us from her bed.

I have also tried moving her naptime up to 12 or 1 and she still stays up late. PLUS, if I do that, then in essence, I will be napping kids from 10am to 4pm EVERY day. When will I get anything done?

Now, on the days that she doesn't get a nap, yes, she's quite cranky by the evening but she'll go to bed at 8:30 or 9 and fall right to sleep.

Question: Is she ready to stop napping?

She's 2 1/2... 3 in November and it just seems to me, she's still so young to be grown out of naps already... right?

What do I do?

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Our New Toy

We bought a car. Not just any car. We originally planned on buying a truck, but since they are so dang expensive, we are going to hold off a few months. Nate found this sweet ride and we couldn't resist. Here's the low down...

-it's a 1967 Chevy Impala SS Convertible.
-we bought it from the ORIGINAL owner. (yep, you heard me)with the original build sheet and original manual. (HOLY CRAP)
-The only thing that has been changed is the paint. everything else is original
-the interior is beautiful. It's black and in GREAT condition
-we could fit a small family in the trunk.. good news. :-)
-it runs great and starts up with no problems.

You know us and cars.. we love them. :-)
At least its not junk that is in pieces and will clutter our driveway.

Try not to drool as you scan the pictures!