Friday, March 13, 2009

Flashback Friday: 5 Years and Counting...

What an amazing 5 years this has been. I have the best husband in the world. He has made my dreams come true and continues to surprise me every day with how much I can be in love with someone. He truly is my best friend and I cannot imagine my world without him in it. 5 Years ago today, Nate and I were married in the Las Vegas Temple. As I look back and remember the events of the day... it went something like this:

-woke up WAY too early to get ready. My mom and I drove to the temple, only a couple blocks away, we got pulled over. Yes, the day of my wedding, we get pulled over because of expired plates. My mom then informs me that they've been expired for about 3 months and just hasn't had the time to renew them. Needless to say, we were late to the temple.

-The ceremony was AMAZING! As I remember it, Nate and I just cried through the whole thing. So much for wedding day makeup. We had friends show up and surprise us that we never thought would come. It was the best day ever!

-I remember my nephew Spencer being obsessed with this snail he found that somehow made it into all the family wedding pictures! haha!

-It was GORGEOUS that day. VERY hot. We were DYING by the time we were done taking pictures.

-My friend Robyn was there to be my sidekick and help me get dressed back in my dress for the reception at my parents house. While trying to put my slip on, with all the thousands of layers of toole, we found a million lady bugs that had made their home there earlier that afternoon during picture time. So, we spent a good hour or so picking out ladybugs.

-Reception time came and the chocolate fountain we had ordered hadn't arrived yet. The girl who was suppose to bring it decided to stop off at a friends house before coming to my reception which made her extremely late, then she tried to warm up the chocolate too fast and it burnt, then spilled it onto my parents patio to which still has a big chocolate stain in the cement!

-The food was AMAZING! My mom did such a great job planning and carrying through our reception. We had lights all over the backyard, a gazebo for the food lights all over the front yard, candles everywhere, flowers everywhere.. chocolate covered strawberrie boquets... so pretty.

-Two days before our wedding, my parents had gravel delivered to their front yard, to which I was shoveling for the entire day to have it ready for the reception. The night before the wedding, I was mowing the lawn. It was quite eventful.

-On our honeymoon, I got extremely sick and was throwing up for two days. I remember laying on the bathroom floor in the middle of the night at our hotel and yelling for Nate to bring me a blanket... yeah, he never heard me or woke up. It was awesome.

-because of being so sick, I couldn't make the drive back to Utah so we ended up spending a night of our honeymoon at my parents house! Poor Nate!

-A week later, we had a GORGEOUS reception in Orem, thanks to Nate's parents. We had a waterfall backdrop, a canopy of lights, an ice bowl for the punch... amazing.

It was such an unforgetable time in our lives and i'm so glad we have this date to always remember those special moments and funny moments of the start of our family.

And Thanks to Nate for making my life such an amazing one.

Happy Anniversary!


Wednesday, March 4, 2009

What's in my Nose?

First of all, check out the adorable scarf her aunt Summer made for her. She's such a little model.

So, I have a few short and funny stories to share about Hailey. Recently, she has decided to keep me even MORE on my toes, which I didn't think was possible. Yes, it's true.

To begin, the other night, We thought we were going to be on our way to the emergency room. A normal, usual night of getting ready for bed, brushing teeth, getting dressed, well, almost, when she bolted out of my grip and into the hallway. I called after her and ran to the doorway as I saw the most horrific sight. She was running so fast and tried to flip around really fast to slide down the stairs on her tummy, feet first as she does often. Well, the momentum had the best of her. She was running so fast that when she flipped herself around, she basically LAUNCHED herself over the stairs and was about 2 feet above the stairs, perpendicular with her feet first. Next, was the scariest moment yet. Her face SLAMMED into the stair and she hit so hard that it bounced her completely up on her feet where she then fell backwards down the stairs. The thought going through my mind behind the immediate tears were either she broke her face, or she knocked herself out. Well, the scream that came from her made it evident that she didn't knock herself out, and after poking and prodding at her face and whispering in her ear and keeping her awake for awhile to make sure she was ok, she settled into bed with tears still flowing. It was so sad. Thank goodness she's ok.

Second, she stuck a freeze dried fruit snack up her nose today that I had to fish out. THEN tells me that Addy has one too! GREAT!

Third, she took a Peter Pan off the stage at Nate's basketball game last night. Luckily, I was able to catch her in-between her legs before slamming her head into the gym floor.

Fourth, she constantly repeats to us that 'we don't eat poop'! (not sure where that one came from)

Fifth, Nate woke up to her standing next to our bed the other morning and said "hey girl, what time is it?" to which she immediately replied "time to get a watch dad". (we never say that so we don't know where she picked that one up)

Sixth and so sweet, every night before going to bed, she reminds us to turn on her fan, then says "sweet dreams" and then waits for us to reply with the same words before she hits the pillow and is off to slumber land.

Seventh, says her prayers all by herself and makes sure to add "thank you for grandpa and grandma" followed by "thank you for dinosaurs"

Last but not least, I took her to the gym with me the other day and when I went to pick her up from child care, she came running to me explaining in her own way that a little boy hurt her. Her words were "boy hurt you! pushed you! hit you!" So I explained to her that she just needs to tell him not to do that anymore (when in reality, I was thinking.. GO GET HIM BACK! haha.. not really...) we went home, she explained her sad story to Nate and he told her the same thing I did. The next morning, she woke up and I was getting Addy ready, she came in my room and I asked if she wanted to go to the gym again and she got all excited and this is what she said "YAY! and play with toys! and slide! and hit somebody!" yeah, I know what she really meant, but it just came out funny. Again, we had to explain to her that we don't hit even when provoked.

Crazy and busy and insanely fearless as she is, she is one of the sweetest little girls I have ever known.

We love you Hailey Rain!