Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Someone Pinch Me...

It's been an interesting year. This is how most days go:

7am (or earlier) wake up with Hailey
7:30am get myself ready for the day
8am get Hailey ready for the day
8:15am get Addy ready for the day
8:30am get the girls breakfast (sometimes I have a minute for a bowl of cereal)
8:35am start the car
8:45am get the kids in the car
9am drop Nate off at work
9-11am run errands
11:30 get lunch made for the girls
11:50 get the girls in the car
12pm pick Nate up for his lunch break
1pm run Nate back to work while Addy takes a nap at home with my cousin Rachel
1:30-4:45pm clean, laundry, play with kiddos, etc.
5pm pick Nate up from work (sometimes its 6)
5:30 dinner
6:30 bath and getting ready for bed
7:30 head up for songs, prayers and stories

On Thursdays, my afternoon was as follows:

11:45 early nap for Addy
1:30pm get the girls ready to leave... Hailey for dance, Addy for Grandma's.
2pm leave the house and drive to Orem
2:30ish leave my inlaws after dropping Addy off and head back down to Provo for Dance.
3pm Hailey's dance class
4pm head back up to Orem to get Addy and have waffles for dinner with Grandma
5 or 6pm pick Nate up from work

Nate goes to auctions in Salt Lake all day which leaves me stranded.

So, as you can see, sharing a car has been a challenge. It's been nice to not have any car payments and to spend some time in the car with eachother, but let's be honest... i've been driving around WAY too much. This schedule does not include random times when Nate calls and needs me to come get him to run some errands for work, etc.

We've made it work and i've gone through MANY moments of irritation with our situation. Yesterday, I wanted to scream to the world my excitement for what happened! Let me remind you, it's been an entire YEAR that we've been sharing a car.

We bought this:

2006 Honda Ridgeline

Especially now that baby #3 is coming, I'm so excited to not have run out the door first thing every morning!
Thank Heavens!!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

It's True!

For those of you wondering if the rumors are true, we are indeed expecting baby #3 to join us in November.

We are REALLY excited about it. We have our first ultrasound in two weeks and we'll get to see the little one with our own eyes!

We'll keep you all posted!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Best Soup

 Our life is like a bowl of soup. Add a bunch of random ingredients and eventually, you make something AMAZING that is bliss to taste.

I feel like that is how our relationship has been.


Over the last 6 years, i've put all this together and created for myself the most wonderful life.
The one key ingredient that makes it so great is my better half.

Nate, if you read this, I want you to know it's been a great 6 years. I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world and I can't wait to spend an eternity with you. You make me want to be a better person and I don't know who I am without you.  You're the best and I love the heck right out of you.

I'm excited to see what this next year of yummy soup brings. I'm excited to try out new ingredients to make it even more filling!

Love you! Happy Anniversary!
Getting our Marriage license

Shark Reef on our Honeymoon

Hollywood 2005

Disneyland 2005

Anniversary 2005

2 Kids and 6 years later, it's been a wonderful life.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Chocolate and Vanilla!

I'm so blessed to have these two in my life. 

They can't get enough of eachother...

I can't get enough of their giggles...

Or their silly faces...

One Blonde. One Brunette. One olive. One fair. One content. One Intense. 
Two Fearless. Two Busy. Two irrisistable.

Blend them together and you have one perfect combination of flavors.
Chocolate and Vanilla.

A Day with Daddy

Nate took a day off work last week to spend some time with us girls. It was such a blast! Hailey and Addy were in heaven. He spent so much time just playing with them and they loved every minute of it! Now they ask if Daddy can come home from work to play. It's really precious.