Wednesday, September 29, 2010


What a weekend. Last Friday morning I made a random decision to drive to St. George for my niece, Avery's birthday. My mother in law ended up driving down with us which made the trip much more bearable. Nate had to stay home for work and we were off. Friday night was birthday party preparations which made for a fun late night.

Saturday morning, my sister in law Melissa and I took Hailey and Addy to a splash pad in St. George. The girls had a blast! It was such a fun little place to let them play and get wet.

That afternoon, it was party time. Hailey and Addy had such a great time at the party. It was a really fun 'Dancer Party' complete with dancer food and dancer games. So fun.

 I had to include the picture because it makes me laugh. Typical Hailey.

  This was the finished product of the birthday girl's cupcake. Frosting IS the best part, right?

After cupcakes, we took off for Vegas. I figure if we were going to be that close, we should go visit Grandpa and Grandma Luke. I also talked my mom into driving back to Provo with me on Monday. (she didn't really need to be talked into)

Monday morning, we headed back to Utah. On the way, we stopped off in St. George again, only this time, it was to see my grandparents. We had a blast visiting with them.  They gave the girls treats and ice cream, lots of loves and tons of fun with their dogs. Hailey and Addy were in heaven. It was the perfect way to break up the trip.

It was a crazy fast weekend, but we had a good time with great people.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

On to other things...

Well Friends, i've made a decision. I needed to simplify my life. I feel like I miss out on too many things that are important because i'm too busy. Or my mind is just crammed with mindless information that I don't need.

My girls are growing up way too fast. I am WAY behind on scrapbooking and that's something that I love.

I want to read more books.

I want to spend more time outside.

I want to spend less time on my laptop. (this is a HUGE one)

I want to spend more time reading to my girls.

I want to spend more time cooking wonderful meals for my family. (as apposed to throwing something together last minute.)

I want to teach my girls more skills. (cooking, cleaning, etc.)

I want to watch a movie with Nate without distraction.

Aside from the physical changes, I want to have less stuff on my mind. I feel like I need to have a more clear outlook on things that are more important like my family.

We recently had regional conference and in a talk given by Julie Beck she states: 
"avoid being distracted by things that are nice to do at the expense of things that are most important."

This is my new goal. So after many talks with Nate and after much consideration on my part and on his, i've decided to cancel my facebook account.  Honestly, since I did it, I feel like a weight has been lifted in a way. It's a little hard to explain.

So, from now on, stay tuned for updates on my blog. I'll miss you all on facebook, but i'll be in touch!

P.S. I spent a lot of time on facebook last night going through and writing down contact information the old school way. (in and address book) So I can still be in touch with those long lost friends and family that facbook reconnected me with. Now, as we part ways, I am greatful for facebook for that.