Sunday, July 7, 2013

Addy's 5th Birthday: Chuck E Cheese

Last year for Addy's Birthday, she chose to go to Chuck E Cheese. This year was no different. I kept giving her ideas of other places to go, but this was her favorite. So, that's what we planned for. She was so cute leading up to her birthday. She would ask me all the time how many more days even though her concept of days is way off. Well, the day finally came and she couldn't be more excited.

That morning, Grandma Luke took her shopping for the rest of her birthday present and then she was SO excited to pick up her cake at Costco. You see, I use to make their cakes and it was fun and the girls loved their themed cakes but the last couple years, they have found just as much joy in picking out the decorations on their Costco cake. Easy for me, so, it's sort of become a little tradition... not sure how long it will last but for now, I happen to enjoy it very much.

On the way to the party at Chuck E Cheese, we stopped to get some balloons. This girl was beaming. She was absolutely beside herself and it was so cute.

One thing we know for sure, this girl is so loved.  We are so grateful to have so many family members so close by and that they are willing to spend a night a Chuck E Cheese for this special 5 year old.

Dearest Addy,
Mommy and Daddy love you so much. We can't imagine what our lives would be like without you. You bring so much light and joy into our lives and we thank God every day that He sent you to us.  

Things Addy likes:
Stuffed Animals
Her Blanky
Sucking her thumb
Protein Bars
Riding her bike and scooter
Playing with Sophie
Going to the store
Dates with Daddy
Staying up late in bed talking with Hailey

We hope this next year brings you even more joy as you go into Kindergarten. We hope you learn to love and love to learn.

Love you Baby Girl!

Friday, July 5, 2013

Addy's 5th Birthday: Girl's Day Out!

This little gem has been an added light to our lives since the day she was born.  She has always had a sweet spirit about her that has filled our home with so much joy.  Every year has been full of smiles, laughs, silliness, tears, nerves and more. But, most of all, every year has been full of love for this sweet little girl. She is ambitious. She's not afraid to just go for what she wants. She is content to just hang out with her family. She loves being by her mom's side most of all. I don't mind one bit. She cries for daddy when she's hurt. We love our spunky little diva.

Since she was old enough to express how she wanted her birthday to go, she has always done just that. This year, she was very adamant about wanting to have a 'Girls Day Out' with her best friend Sophie instead of a party with friends. So, we got to planning. First things first, we picked up Sophie. As we were walking out to the truck that day, I could see Sophie sitting on her truck waiting patiently for us to pick her up. It was so cute. Addy had a perma-grin the whole time while picking her up, she was SO excited.

After the girls were completely in love with their new bears and after they spent countless minutes on changing their clothes to find the perfect out fit for their bears, we were off to continue our girls day out.  The next stop: Nails.

We walked through the mall and Addy was pushing 'Cotton Candy' in her new stroller and it was absolutely adorable.  We got to the nail place and it was pretty funny because all the nail guys were asleep on the couch. Hard morning at work. :-) They jumped up as soon as we walked in and quickly came to our aide. They were very kind and got excited about doing little girls nails. First, They painted them whichever color the girls picked out. Addy picked hot pink and Addy picked purple. Typical.
Then, they painted some decoration on them and finished them off with some glitter polish. So cute. The best part: It cost me $14 for the both of them.

After the girls were overly satisfied and excited about their nails, we went to the shoe store to try on shoes.. Every girl loves to try on shoes, right? After shoes, we grabbed some lunch at Chic-Fil-A and took it home so Hailey could join in on the girls lunch fun.

The girls played for a little bit and then Sophie had to go home to do some family things. Addy had a pretty successful morning to her birthday and she couldn't be happier.
I'm so glad it was a good day for her.

Later that day, we went to see Monsters University and then to Nate's softball game.
Grandma and Grandpa Luke were in town to join in the festivities. Addy couldn't be a happier little Angel.

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!!